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“Giving Don Dorsey’s Bachbusters CD a “10” for performance seems almost like damning it with faint praise. Dorsey’s intention was to preserve the integrity of Bach’s music while at the same time taking us on a unique musical trip. He has succeeded on both counts.”

— Brian J. Murphy, Digital Audio & Compact Disc Review

“Dorsey’s charismatic interpretive fillips, imagery and perceptions will bring smiles to the faces of all but the most unbending of literalists.”

— Towe, American Record Guide

Bachbusters is one of the best classical works ever recorded.”

— John F. Tamburo, The Audiophile-File

“Don Dorsey has produced a grand finale to the Bach-mania surrounding the composer’s 300th anniversary year.

— Ron Rosenthal, Cash Box

“Frankly, I love it, and there is rarely an evening I don’t listen to it. Almost study it. This album, from any viewpoint, stands as a premiere piece.

— Trax

“Electronically, the performances are as far advanced of Walter Carlos’ original ‘Switched on Bach’ as that was beyond the first vacuum tube computers. This recording is serious business and fun too.

— Peter Goodman, Newsday

“This is Bach with shimmer. With all the synthesizer power at his command, Dorsey is respectful of Bach’s music. Freshness is the strong point of this disc; you’ll want this recording.

— High Performance Review

“Some recordings change the way we hear. When “Switched on Bach” hit the stores in the late 1960s, a sound revolution began. With the release of “Bachbusters” that revolution seems as old-fashioned as wax cylinders. The sound overwhelms!

— Kurt Loft, Tampa Tribune

“By making his keyboards sound like nothing else and everything else at the same time, Dorsey proves that the synthesizer is as much an instrument as any other, not just a machine that makes bleeps.

— Bill Henderson, Orlando Sentinel

“If you want to stretch the limits of your audio system… “Bachbusters” contains some of the purest musical tones your stereo may ever be required to reproduce.

— Rich Warren, Chicago Tribune

“Innovative, yet never disrespectful.

— Nikki Hasden, Chattanooga Times

“This CD is causing a lot of classical buffs to sit up and take notice.

— Lucky Clark, On Music

“There’s honest feeling and interpretation to be heard here rather than raw technology.

— Tom Krehbiel, Buffalo News


“Dorsey is one of the more inventive synthesists, blending good taste with imaginative use of the tone colors his battery of “instruments” permits. A strong crossover follow-up to last years Bachbusters smash.”

— Billboard Magazine

“This is as technically perfect a recording as you’re likely to encounter; the sound truly sparkles.

— BJM, Digital Audio & Compact Disc Review

“At first glance, Don Dorsey appears to be simply a musician, and a successful one. His first solo album, Bachbusters, topped the classical charts, and his second, Beethoven or Bust, quickly followed suit on the classical/crossover charts. But Don Dorsey is much more than a musician. He is an adventurer in entertainment, a high-tech renaissance man who uses the tools of his art to their fullest.”

— Pro Sound News

“On this new disc, the techno-tainment wizard infuses the classics with visual imagination and a sense of humor.”

— Fred Freeeman, Palladium Times

“Once again, Dorsey treats us to synthesizer magic.”

— High Performance Review

“This CD will grab your ear and give it something new – a way of listening to Beethoven that your ears have never heard before.”

— Melinda Bargreen, Seattle Times

“He’s not the first to have fun with the classics via synthesizer, but Dorsey’s work is distinguished by a genuine affection for the music.”

— Barbara Zuck, The Columbus Dispatch

“Dorsey, who tweaked the classics last year turns his attention to Beethoven with a delightfully warped sense of humor.”

— Ray Cooklis, Cincinnati Enquirer

“This disc has a lot more to it in the way of thoughtful musicianship and first-hand knowledge of piano Beethoven than the publicity would indicate…I almost didn’t play it. I am glad I did!”

— Edward Tatnall Canby, Audio

“Don Dorsey does a wonderful job in using complex synth textures to express his emotions and feelings throughout Beethoven or Bust. The precision and clarity of the music is a tribute not only to his skill on keyboards, but to his insight in keeping his complex renditions from becoming a cluttered mass of noise.”

— Roger Serfas, Keyboard

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