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IT ALL BEGAN in 1977 when, frustrated by my inability to find a single commercial Christmas Card to my liking, I decided to make my own. Because of my work with the Disney folks and others, there was a certain almost-economy to the production in the quantities of cards I needed. DorseyCard became a once-a-year vehicle for self-expression, as well as the opportunity to create a unique "gift" for my friends and business associates. Those of you who know me already realize that DorseyCard is a good indicator of my frame-of-mind in any given year. There are many levels to each creation, and each year holds a special meaning for me. The process of doing the research, planning, and in most cases, much of the actual design and detail work myself is cathartic. The assembly and stuffing of massive quantities of envelopes is an annual ritual of tedium which actually provides much-needed brain relaxation. I am grateful for the friends who regularly show up on short notice to help me get the darned thing out, year after year. And, of course, to those designers, artists, photographers and advisors who help me craft, polish, and realize the concepts, my sincere thanks. To the adventurous printing establishments I've worked with over the years, my appreciation. And to the world, events and individuals that provide constant inspiration and ideas: look out, you are potentially my next victim!

DORSEYCARD IS ALWAYS A WORK IN PROGRESS. At any given time, I have a dozen or so ideas in development, sometimes working years ahead. Some ideas are awaiting new technology, others the right moment to be sprung. Often, a planned Card will be set aside at the last minute to make way for a more timely (or more urgent) concept. I hate when that happens, but I love the results. Planning is all well and good, and very comfy, but Deadlines invigorate me.

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