DC2K Part 1 - The Millennium Rocks!

This "card" was part of a scheme to bookend the year 2000 with something unique and meaningful. Don's plan was to do the first part with something looking backwards in time, and the second part with something looking forwards. DC2K Part 1 consisted of a small box containing a large rock, and a teeny-tiny pebble. The rock represented a current-day "full-scale replica" of the tiny pebble which was itself, at some point in the very distant past, a large rock. Together, these two artifacts represent a powerful display of the passage of time. Of course, Don's sense of humor would not allow him to simply give two rocks, as amusing as that is in itself. To relate the rocks to the holiday season, Don postulated that the tiny pebble was, at one time very long ago, an actual holiday "greeting" delivered to one cave person by another, and the large rock was a carefully- crafted replica of that original "greeting." The large rocks were actually brought here from
China for Don so that DC2k Part 1 could also include an "international" flavor.

2000 Dorsey Productions, Inc.