All too often, the anticipation is greater than the event.

- Anonymous

This card is a triple teaser. The grey mailing envelope bears a sticker: "WARNING: The
Santa General Has Determined That Opening This Card Before December 25 Is Dangerous
To Your Health.
" A recipient who yields to temptation finds a blue envelope inside, sealed with "CAUTION: See Previous Warning" but sporting the words "All Too Often." Upon ignoring the Caution, an orange envelope is revealed, sealed with "WARNING: See Previous Caution" while sporting the word "The." Finally, at the end of this tempting trail lies a common index card folded in half and printed with the completion of the quote: "Anticipation Is Greater Than
The Event." After unfolding the index card, a rather mundane holiday greeting is revealed, rubber stamped in black ink.

1999 Dorsey Productions, Inc.