and the customer is always right!

ITEC PRODUCTIONS - Mark A. Nichols, Producer:

“Don presented a vision to each member of the creative and management team two years in advance of Opening Day. The project vision not only remained unchanged, it arrived early and under budget! Don delivered a fantastic project.”

P.P.A./ G.M. PPA SPECTACULARS - Eric Tucker, President:

“Don is unfailingly courageous in his approach to imaginative and complex concepts, and most gratifying to work with. This level of communication at this level of creativity is quite rare indeed.”

CENTURY III at Universal Studios - Ross M. Cibella, President:

“Don combines brilliant creative with real world business savvy. His passion is exemplary. It's rare to find someone who can maintain a vision while understanding and adapting to client demands and technical constraints. Don's work with us resulted in our winning a National Addy award. He sets the bar high and makes sure it stays there.”

DVC WORLDWIDE - Doug Yoon, Director of Interactive Productions:

“Don Dorsey brought light and understanding to our client's marketing solution. His genuine enthusiasm for entertaining and enthralling audiences led to nothing less than a heart-stopping, eye-popping, fully immersive experience. He is one of the very few original thinkers left to modern society.”

TOKYO DISNEY RESORT - Larry Billman, Creative Director:

“Don has continually added expertise and wonder to many Disney projects... in the United States and internationally. His historic contributions to Disney - such as the Main Street Electrical Parade - continue to entertain millions of people around the world. When beginning new and spectacular productions, Don will always be at the top of my list.”

AUDIO VISUAL IMAGINEERING, INC - Joanne Young, Managing Director:

“Don is an incredible, imaginative and creative guy. He found the perfect solution for our creative challenge and managed it through completion. I just love working with him.”

WALT DISNEY ATTRACTIONS - Ron Logan, Vice-President:

“I want to personally thank you for your time, talent and dedication… nothing but rave reviews! On time, on budget, on target! Congratulations!”

SELECT PRODUCTIONS - Dennis Despie, President:

“Don Dorsey is one of the most creative and innovative minds I have had the pleasure to work with in the entertainment business.”

REAL TO REEL PRODUCTIONS - Packy McFarland, Owner:

“What sets Dorsey Productions apart is that not only do they have original "outside the box" ideas, but also the skills to bring those ideas to reality... on time and on budget.”

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2011 Don Dorsey Consulting